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Effective Advertising at no cost

                       Editing - Publishing - Promotion Marketing

UPM offers widespread Internet marketing exposure. UpMarketing techniques are exclusive, innovative, and proactive. UpMarketing EDITING, PUBLISHING AND PROMOTION MARKETING  are easily afforded by the most fruga INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION.
UPM results driven methods permit low-cost entry and high-end results for budget conscious INDIVIDUALS.
UPM prides itself on providing the highest quality service and unmatched reliability to all institutional associates.
UPM programs are cost effective. Fees are based on measured success. With access to an army of outstanding interdisciplinary experts, drawn together in a collegial environment, UPMarketing personalizes each client's every need. 
Professional Design
UPM high level of professional concentration is specifically designed to acquire the most clout, influence, and success possible for, and on behalf of, every associate.
UPM expects, produces and receives results for its associates!

The Company
UPM is an operating division of Global Academy (Online), international university builders and the premier provider of online private-label curriculum and instruction to colleges, universities and eLearning organizations.

UPM Created in 2002, was originally developed as an internal promotion marketing profiler. created as an operating division of Global Academy. It maintained this primary mission until 2017 when it expanded its footprint into Editing, Publishing, and Promotion Marketing of written works developed by individuals and scholars associated with the colleges, universities, eLearning organizations and nonprofits. Today the firm edits, publishes and markets select authors. 

Unique in its approach, UpMarketing can do what others would find cost prohibitive because of their parent company's global reach. UpMarketing benefits clients with the slimmest of budgets with Gold Plated results.